The Castle History

 Château de Tilly is located in Boissey-Le-Châtel, a village of Pays du Roumois, which is part of Bourgtheroulde district, in the Eure County.

 Its construction began in 1530 and lasted 5 years. Claude Le Roux was the first Landlord, heir to Guillaume II Le Roux, Lord of Bourgtheroulde. He built the castle to assert his social status as MP and member of the Exchequer. When his brother passed away, he also inherited the Castle of Bourgtheroulde, which is today a prestigious hotel in Rouen.

Hunting scene

A place which become quickly used for hunting in the forest.


The castle was erected on 1000 acres of land. Over the years the property will gradually be dismantled and will become a public school. Since, major structural works have been achieved to refurbish the property in 1990, and finally in 2012 the castle recovered its past beauty.  


Castle front 

The castle is beautiful. The morning you can appreciate his sunny face. 


Today the grounds are comprised of three buildings:

The Castle: the façade combines bricks and rocks, characteristic of the Renaissance period in Normandy. Remaining signs indicate that a chapel was adjoined to the Castle and destroyed during the French Revolution. The surrounding walls are indicative of the building’s medieval history. 


The “Le Roux de Tilly” maxim:

“Expugna impugnates me domine”, Lord hold off my enemies


It suggests the difficulties and attacks faced by the family and the castle over the centuries. You will admire the engravings on the window frames, tracing back the castle’s history. 


The engravings on the window frames

Dream and history, it is possible at Château de Tilly


Indoors, take the time to appreciate the Stairway of Honour, also described as “Rihour stairs”, named from "Palais Rihour" in Lille. You will be fascinated by its original and historic conception and its mesmerizing effect..


Escalier à la "Rihour"

Pièce unique et d'exception 


  • The Normand mansion: building adjacent to the castle. The central part was built in the XVIth century, with respect to the historical timber designed construction principles. The rest of the mansion was constructed during the XIXth century.


  • The press: a genuine element of the XVIIIth century, which was brought back to the Castle from Illeville-sur-Montfort by the previous landlords.


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